Health Service and New Health Technologies in Kurdistan

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Medical Laboratory Sciences with the cooperation of the Office of Public Affairs and Komar Research Center held a symposium on the status of health services and new technologies in health services in Kurdistan on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 at the Auditorium Hall in the Engineering Building.

The theme of the symposium was:
  1. The current health services status in Kurdistan.
  2. The latest health services and technologies that are available in Kurdistan.
  3. How to improve the health services for patients.
The presenters were as follow:
  1. Dr. Rebin Osman Rasam
  2. Dr. Senar Saman Talabani
  3. Dr. Yar Ezzulddin Mustafa
  4. Dr.Heshw Rahman, chairwoman of Medical Laboratory Sciences department.
The symposium was followed by an open dialogue about the theme of the symposium. The Office of Public Affairs managed this event.
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