Why MLS?

We strongly encourage students to join us at MLS department in KUST as this department provides a state of art of education (both theoretical knowledge and technical skills) necessary for proficient performance of clinical laboratory procedures. The department committed to provide the highest standards of education and prepare highly competent medical laboratory scientists.

The MLS program is designed to produce properly trained individuals with the necessary skills, work ethics, attitudes, and professional integrity to enter the health care community. We continuously update our program to make sure we are in line with the new scientific discoveries related to the laboratory analyses, in the mean time we always consider to full fill the local needs of competent medical laboratory scientists.

Admission Requirements


Study Plan and Flowchart

  1. Graduation Requirement
    A minimum of 120 semester credit hours is required for students to graduate from the MLS department. These credit hours can be earned through taking different courses distributed over four academic years as shown in the Flowchart below. Courses are categorized into three groups; University, College, and Departmental courses as shown in the table below. Students must satisfactorily complete all the indicated courses in the curriculum shown below and satisfy all other university graduation requirements in order to obtain the BSc degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences.
    Credit Hours Requirements for B.Sc. of Medical laboratory Sciences

  2. Flowchart