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Daban Noori Hama Saeed (MSc)

Assistant Lecturer

Daban Hama Saeed is a Kurdish national currently serving as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Komar for Science and Technology in Sulaimani, Iraq. He holds an MSc. in General Chemistry from Adam Mickiewicz University, with a focus on spectroscopy and photophysics of flavin-related compounds. Daban completed his B.Sc. in General Chemistry at the University of Sulaimani, where he ranked seventh among his graduating class of 110.

With a strong foundation in analytical chemistry, Daban has a background in chemical analysis and quality assurance gained through work at pharmaceutical companies in Iraq and Germany. He has also contributed to academic research, with a publication in the specialized area of studying the photophysical properties of flavin derivatives, a subfield within the broader domains of spectroscopy.

Daban is fluent in Kurdish, proficient in English, and has a basic understanding of Arabic. He is passionate about making a positive impact on society and has actively participated in various volunteer activities and training programs, including the current Good Manufacturing Practices Quality System and youth education initiatives.

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